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er4t er4t

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Its ambient yo! :O

And pretty good ambient at that. Reminds me a bit of Solar Fields. It has a good atmosphere and is not shy on the reverb (and i like reverb :D). I also like the stuttery thing in the background. :D i'm sure that if you progress the pad chords a bit further and maybe change key and come out with a crescendo or something you can easily drag this for about another 4 min without losing its appeal. But then again it's your music, so go apeshit. :P As for now it's solid.

Forming Anesthetic Forming Anesthetic

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Ok... here's what i think.

From the text i understand that you did all the input yourself. well.. don't. :P
I'm a drummer myself and i find it kinda cringe worthy to hear off beat percussion. So work on your rhythm or use loops.

Also i think your percussion needs more of a "thump".
To get that, get yourself familiar with equalizers and compressors.
Seriously, these two things let you take control of the sound.

All in all its decent.
I like how the instruments work with their melodies.
The percussive diversity is solid.
I also like the interlude at 1:02.

It's a 6/10 because it doesn't come off the ground. It never really moved me.
Also because of the rhythm issues and the mastering of the whole song.

Just keep making music and do what feels right.
Don't take any criticisms too seriously... especially mine. :P

lidlurch responds:

thanks for the review!! yeah, well, there aren't any good beats that i can find off of garage band :P so i make my own. you really think they were offbeat? it didn't seem like it to me...maybe i'll just use a different one. i'm a drummer too, so i'll deffinetly do that. it's not really the same on a keyboard though :P

yeah, people have told me that too, and i'll deffinetly add that into this song. lol that interlude took me like 3 hours to get right xD

doesn't come off the ground eh? well, when i tried that climax near the middle-end of the song, i couldn't find much to put in there, and i see your point. i just wish i could do more with garageband to get all of those feelings out

well, thanks anyways, and i'll see what i can do.

Loneli Loneli

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Repetitiveness Shmepetitiveness.

Nice little ditty. It has a nice atmosphere to it.

Only thing i would do is maybe add some sine bass stabs because it feels like its not really coming of the ground. And you may want to look at the reverb put on the piano bit. You may want to up the "room size" for a bit. But then again thats my opinion. you should do as you see fit.

And forget about repetitiveness. I made a song ("I'm Done") which is a whopping ten minutes of repetitiveness and it doesn't seem to bother anyone. Let alone the Aphex Twin ambient tracks, which are practically the same from beginning to end, and people still call it brilliant.

Just keep making music and keep doing your own thing! :)

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Lamplighter responds:

Thanks, you rock! I don't mind a seven at all ;)

Yeah, I was thinking about at least a subbass to help the sound, so I'll make a sine and layer it in. As for the piano, I need to fix the loudness of the high notes anyway (the reverb's the problem) so when I fix that, I'll work on the "size."

I'll have to shoot you back a review on that song of yours. :) I'm a fan of repetitivity, but I've driven my family insane with it and I try to cut back. Most people I know have short attention spans. :P

Thanks for the review, Anti-Citizen!